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Betsy Haag, MS, OTR/L

Licensed Occupational Therapist


Betsy is a licensed occupational therapist with additional training in Masgutova Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration (MNRI).  She received her Master’s of Science degree in occupational therapy from the University of South Dakota and her Bachelor’s degree from Bethel University, St. Paul. 


Betsy approaches occupational therapy from a reflex integration standpoint based on recent brain research demonstrating how stress and trauma activate automatic survival responses.  She uses the sensory-motor links of the reflex circuit to encourage the brain to transition to a “safe here and now” allowing for the return of resilience, optimism, confidence, and health (Masgutova, 2013).  Her clinical experience has shown her the remarkable effects of working with reflexes and unconscious behaviors and the effect it has on making a person feel present, calm, and ready to learn in their body again following trauma or the experience of chronic low-level stressors.  Clinically, she has treated both children and adults (birth-adult) and has worked with a range of challenges including learning disorders, sleep, social-emotional challenges, attention difficulties, visual issues, chronic pain, concussion, and many more. 


Betsy is passionate about meeting people where they are at and has a special interest in working with the family as a unit.   She approaches therapy with an open heart and is grateful for the knowledge and experiences of her clients in shaping her occupational therapy practice. 

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