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Schedule appointments through:

Direct phone: 763-228-5437


Sessions are $97 per hour.

I do not accept insurance claims at this time.

JanMarie Roehl



As a Nationally Board Certified body worker for over thirty years, I continue to observe the human body and being’s amazing resilience and capacity to heal from trauma, illness, imbalance.
The Touch work that I offer is a ‘bottom up’ therapy that affects one’s Wholeness. When one aspect of Self is contacted, an integrated response is communicated throughout the entire system. The brain, body, emotions, mind (conscious as well as unconscious), energy body and Spirit are also touched.
My trainings and practice include:
AIR Network, Energy Balancing and Chelation, Healing touch, Hospice/Compassionate Touch, Meditation, Reiki and Mari El, Rosen Method Bodywork, Somatic Experiencing for Trauma, Therapeutic Massage, Visualization, Yoga.

Present studies and practice include Integral Somatic Psychology, Tai Chi.
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