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Molly DePrekel MA LP CEIP-MH

Adolescent & Adult Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy



Molly is a licensed psychologist who focuses on facilitating growth and transformation with individuals in their therapeutic work. Her experience in hospitals, educational settings and out-patient mental health treatment programs combine to create unique holistic treatment with clients. She utilizes the unique relationship people have with animals and nature to assist her in therapy with clients. Her specialties include trauma work, animal assisted therapy, adolescents and women and consulting to professionals who want to incorporate Animals and Nature based therapies.

Molly's education includes a Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services, a Bachelors in Animal Science, and a thematic in Women's Studies. She is a member of the Minnesota Women's Psychological Association. She has experience in training, public speaking and has written numerous articles on Animal-Assisted Therapy. Molly enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling. Her hobbies include walking, being in the outdoors, working with horses.

She is certified in sensorimotor psychotherapy from the Sensorimotor Institute in Boulder CO. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-oriented talking therapy that integrates verbal techniques with body-centered interventions in the treatment of trauma, developmental issues, and attachment.( )

Since 1992, she has utilized the unique relationship people have with animals to assist her in therapy with clients. She has practiced in hospitals, educational settings, mental health facilities, correctional sites, and outreach centers. Her strengths include work with adolescents, families and young women. She completed an internship at Green Chimneys in New York and continues to utilize animals in her therapy work by working with dogs and horses as animal-assisted therapists. She is involved with research in other areas of animal-assisted therapy and is past President of the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association (EFMHA). She is an EPONA approved instructor and has taught and facilitated workshops and trainings around the country. She was the co-founder of a non-profit Minnesota Linking Individuals Nature and Critters.

Currently Molly is the co-chair of the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals, which promotes the concept of voluntary certification by examination for those who incorporate equines into their mental health or education practice. ( Molly lives in Minneapolis with her dog, Willow, who is her Pet Partner therapy dog in training, and her Morgan horse Whisper.

Equine Trauma Therapy Explained



Meet Willow. She is a small, mixed hunting breed dog, known as a Feist, found in rural southern states. Originally hailing from Georgia, Willow was pregnant and found abandoned in a parking lot. She was transferred to a shelter in North Carolina where she gave birth to three puppies. Willow is happy to report that all three puppies found welcoming, adoptive homes.

At one year old, Willow was also temporarily adopted in North Carolina until she found her permanent Minnesota home with therapist Molly DePrekel of Cairns Psychological Services. Named after the willow tree, which means strong and flexible, Willow is currently training to become a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners.

Willow loves her new career with Molly located at the Midwest Center for Trauma and Emotional Healing. She is always excited to work with new clients and loves 
meeting new people. We encourage everyone to visit with Willow when you see her at the clinic.

Willow’s hobbies include cuddling with clients, annoying squirrels, learning new tricks and hopping on her back legs like a kangaroo


Whisper is a 13-year-old Morgan horse living and working at Hold Your Horses in Maple Plain, Minnesota. Hailing from Colorado, he was born on a Morgan farm outside of Denver and came to work in Minnesota at the age of five. Since his arrival, Whisper has been helping many while earning his living as a therapy horse.

Whisper works with therapist Molly DePrekel of Cairns Psychological Services and Hold Your Horses. Whisper co-facilitates sessions in equine facilitated psychotherapy and hippotherapy (occupational and physical therapy using the movement of the horse) and works with individuals, families and groups. He 
loves to help clients learn about boundaries, assertiveness, somatic healing, and mindfulness.

Whisper’s hobbies include listening to clients’ stories, hanging out in the pasture with his four horse friends and figuring out how to get more treats.

Whisper invites you to visit him at Hold Your Horses to see if he or one of his horse buddies can assist you in healing.

In Memory of Mariah

Therapy Dog Extraordinaire


Read about Mariah's adventures in her ebook 

Mariah Finds a Home - Forever  By Mariah. 

Co-authored by Molly DePrekel & Mary Schoessler.

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