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Consultation/Supervision  Group

For Professionals


With Dawn McClelland PhD. LP

Patti Miller M.A.,L.P


10am once a month

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Articles & Resources

Complex Trauma and Dissociation Consultation and Training: 2014-2015


Dawn McClelland PhD. L.P. and Patti Miller M.A. L.P. offer individualized trainings for organizations, clinicians and clergy on working with complex trauma from a neurobiological / developmental / relational perspective.


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Consultation / Trainings on Animal Assisted Intervention

 Molly DePrekel M.A., L.P.


Animal Assisted Therapy Consultation Group coming January 2015

Fridays 9:00 -11:00

cost: 50.00


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EMDR Consultation/Supervision  Group For Professionals


Patti Miller M.A.,L.P

EMDRIA Approved Consultant


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Training and Consultation:

Phyllis C. Solon, Psy.D., L.P.


Complex trauma and dissociation,

Autism Spectrum and neurodevelopmental disorders,

Play and experiential therapy,  

Spirituality in Therapy 

Multicultural Orientation  


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