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Insurance Accepted:

Blue Cross Blue Shield. MA


If you do not see your insurance listed above, check with your plan to see if you are able to use out-of-network benefits.

Sharon Andersen, MA, LMFT

Individuals & Couples


Sharon graduated from Georgia State University with an M.S. in counseling and Psychological Services. She has been in private practice for 28 years. Sharon has years of experience working with both adults and adolescents. She directed "Becomers", a support group for survivors of sexual abuse, for over 3 years.


Sharon has expertise working with complex issues such as sexual abuse, violence and trauma. With compassion she treats symptoms of depression, anxiety and relational conflict. The work of healing grief that arises from traumatic loss as well as loss from life change is a focus of therapy.


Sharon's grounded presence and relationship skills create safety within the therapeutic setting where desired change can happen. Sharon values helping clients stay grounded in the present in order for them to find internal resources and coping skills to manage day-to-day living. Sharon has an ability to hold both hope and pain at the same time giving freedom to clients to experience healing.


Sharon loves to spend her free time being physically active. She values family and friendships.

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